Our rentals are similar to any other program with a security deposit and a monthly payment.  We accept pets in rentals on a case by case basis.  Renting may make sense if you are in the area for only a few years but we prefer to help clients become homeowners.  Since the security deposit is less than our option deposits for the Lease Option program, we hope renters will upgrade in the future when they can afford the higher deposit.  Maybe at tax time?

To get started, drive by the homes you see on the site and walk around before setting up an interior inspection.  Fill out our Prequalification Form
 when you'd like to see the interior and have the funds to move.  Our income requirement is 2.5 times the monthly rent.  So, to qualify for  a house with a $900 monthly rent your income will need to be 2.5x900=$2250/month. 

Once you've decided on a house, you can either download an Application and Landlord Authorization Form or complete the Online Application Process.
 We will ask you for proof of income, 2 year rental reference, a National Grid bill, and do a judgment search (not a credit check). For additional information on our application process and requirements, as well as, our PET POLICY please read our Terms/Conditions Page.  If you decide to take the home we'll have you bring in a cashier's check for the security deposit, last month's rent and any pro-rated rent for the remainder of the month.  You will also need renters insurance for your contents within the house which usually is less than $15/month.  Our office is co-located with State Farm so this process is quick and convenient.  You do not need to wait until the first of the month to move in.

Here's how we choose our clients when more than one family wants the home.  The first showing will be to those who have an approved application on file.  
    Lease Option wins over Rental
    No Pets wins over a Tenant with Pets
    Higher Deposit wins over Minimum Deposit

All of these factors reduce our risk.