We offer extremely easy qualifications. Regardless of credit you can have a new start  with as little as proof of income,  2 year rental reference, a National Grid bill,  judgment search (not a credit check), the required option deposit and prorated monthly payment.  From that day you are on your way to owning your own home.

Low option deposits. We require $1900.00 to $3400.00  depending upon the property. This option deposit will be credited back to you when you refinance.  Our income requirement is 2.5 times the monthly rent.  So, to qualify for  a house with a $900 monthly rent your income will need to be 2.5x900=$2250/month.

Our program allows you to lock in the purchase price of the home today so you won’t lose valuable appreciation. When you move in, the price is locked for the term of your option agreement no matter how much you improve it. 

We offer Rent Credits. Each month you pay your payment on time, a portion of the payment grows and is used to build your deposit.

By paying on time, you will be showing a home lender that you are capable of handling this property financially. This will allow you to refinance  at a lower interest rate saving you a considerable amount of money. We have good relationships with different lenders that are willing to help you get the best savings.

We offer 1 and 3 year option periods.  If a mortgage broker tells you financing is possible in less than one year, our one year program will give you the best price.   The three year option is for those that may need just a little more time to do what a mortgage bank may require.  With a plan for credit improvement and our educational seminars, the process is faster than you may anticipate. 

Fill in a Prequalification Form online to set up an interior viewing

Fill Out a Full Application online for final approval

We hope every Lease Option Buyer enters the First Home Club which is a statewide down payment assistance program sponsored by several local banks.  Here is a video.  It gives you $7500 after you put away monthly savings for 10-18 months of $79 to $188.  You put in $1880 and get back out $9400 after the club matches your saving 4 to 1.  There is no better deal on the planet.  There are some requirements such as a maximum income defined here.

Here's how we choose our clients when more than one family wants the home.  The first showing will be to those who have an approved application on file.  
    Lease Option wins over Rental
    No Pets wins over a Family With Pets
    Higher Deposit wins over Minimum Deposit

All of these factors reduce our risk.