Easy to Own Homes Inc. has been selling and renting homes in the Onondaga suburbs since 2002.  We have sold most of our homes with seller financing but recently added a traditional lease for clients who don't intend to buy a home.  Most of the homes are single family residences in the towns of Onondaga County with only a few in the City of Syracuse. 

Home ownership remains a goal for most of our clients.  Unless you plan to spend only a few years in this area, we recommend owning your home.  The low median home cost in CNY and historically low interest rates make it a perfect time to buy.  Our Lease Option Program educates and prepares you for home ownership even if you don't qualify for a mortgage yet.  We enjoy talking to our clients about owning their home and even pay for their tuition at a local homeownership seminar.  Whether talking one on one or in our seminar, we can help estimate costs and explain the details of buying that first home.

  The staff knows how intimidating a real estate transaction can be.  Our system slows the process down so you move in first, enjoy the home, and then get the bank financing while you are already living in your house.  We reduce the stress and timing issues that makes a first home purchase so difficult.