A single family home carries more responsibility than a hotel or apartment rental.  Here is a list of common repairs we face in Central New York.  Please ensure you have some basic tools like a flange plunger for toilets, a flat plunger for sinks and baths and a roof rake for snow. 

As a Lease Option client you will take care of these repairs on your own.  Clients under a traditional rental contract  should attempt to fix small issues by following the procedures on the videos below.  The first step is stop the flow of water, gas or electricity by shutting off the water main, gas valve or circuit breaker as we demonstrated when you moved in.  Then, take a picture and email it to us showing the problem.  This will speed up the repair process.

Our Appliance Policy and Rental Program

Plumbing Issues

Unclog Your Toilet in 11 Seconds

Unclog with a Closet Auger

Furnace troubleshooting

Lighting Pilot Light on Hot Water Heater

Lighting Pilot Light on Hot Water Heater (Red Button)

Lighting Pilot Light on Furnace

More About Lighting a Gas Furnace

Ice Dam Removal

Using a Roof Rake to Clean Snow From Your Roof