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Thank you for working with Easy to Own Homes Inc. 

Donavan Pieterse, the owner, is an associate broker with RE/MAX Realty Plus. You can show the property to your client or simply refer them to us. If you are showing the home we recommend asking them when they will be ready to move financially. If they don’t have the funds to move in it will be a frustrating process when they decide on a home that they will not be able to take.  If we show it to them we will do our homework first.

Our company has two agreements with clients. A traditional annual lease and a lease option program. The annual lease is similar to most rental homes except we allow pets in most of the properties. The commission is usually $500.

The lease option program gives your client either a one or three year option to purchase. This is for your buyers who can’t qualify for a mortgage immediately.  There is an option deposit of $1900 to $3400 which will be returned when they buy the house.  You can get a $500 commission when they move in OR just wait until they buy the house and get a 3% commission.  

Income requirements are simple. We need to see 2.5 times the rent in verifiable net income.  The move-in funds are generally twice the monthly rent for traditional leases and for lease options they can count on $3-4,500. We don’t do a credit check but we do look for judgments and evictions.  If a buyer has large judgments it may impede them from ever getting a loan so they can’t join our lease option program but might still be able to rent.   

Please fill out the referral form so we can send you a commission check.
Please Note: Before setting up an interior showing we do require you to drive by the property.  If you would like to see the interior please begin the free online application process.

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What our clients are saying  

The company is so easy to work with. Everybody was so nice and helpful. I am so happy with the cute house I found. I would recommend this program to anyone.


~ Kimberly

Easy to Own Homes Inc. is a professional company that made the house buying experience pleasant. The service was quick and easy.


~ Al

Very wonderful people to work with, was the easiest way ever to buy a home.


~ Renee

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