If you have decided to apply for a specific house or want us to approve you for a future home you can do our full application.  Especially during times when houses rent very quickly, it is to your benefit to get this form submitted early.  Generally, the first person who is approved and has the funds to move will get the home.  

There is no fee to complete our application. The application process entails:

-Download/print our PDF Application which includes the Terms and Conditions and Landlord Authorization.

- Submission of all forms of pay verification for the household.

- Submission of a current utility bill.

If you don't have a fax machine or scanner you can take clear cell phone pictures of your utility bill and pay stub and send it to us by email.  Or, you can fax, scan, mail, or drop them off.  Incomplete applications are the number one reason people miss out on the house they wanted.