Easy to Own Homes Inc. has expanded the portfolio to include houses rented month to month.  These homes aren't available as lease option purchases but may occasionally allow an annual lease.  You can move in any day of the month since we don't wait until the first of the month like an apartment complex.

Why the difference?  First, we don't own the homes but are managing them for other owners.  They are trying to sell the houses and that lends itself more to a month to month tenancy.  Tenants must allow real estate agents and appraisers access during normal business hours with a four hour notice.  This usually means dogs aren't possible. 

Who would want a month to month tenancy?  I was wondering that, too.  It turns out we've rented the ones we currently have very quickly.  If you are selling your house and want to move while it is being rehabbed and shown to buyers.  How about an insurance claim for a fire in your house and you don't want to live in a hotel?

Some of the houses may be in the early stages of foreclosure.  That process takes almost three years in New York so as long as we believe there is plenty of time left we'll rent it out for the sellers.  If it is very early in the process we can do an annual lease which has to be honored by any buyer.  All of these details will be disclosed before you move in.